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SunSpark is one of Sweden’s largest developers of land for solar parks. We created a new graphic profile and a completely new position to help the company take the next step.

Brand strategy, website, ads and a new company presentation.

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It’s simple. Great tools does it better. High quality tools and smart tool storage solutions for professional users.

Ads, branding and sales material for a global market.


The #1 bowling app. Lanetalk revolutionizes bowling by bringing you to stats, training and tournaments on steroids!

Website, ads and branding material for bowlers and centers.


Rent. Work. Repeat. Cramo is Sweden’s largest equipment rental for construction sites.

Sales and branding campaigns.


The largest reseller of perfumes in the Nordic region, and now growing fast within skin care, makeup and hair care.

Repositioning the brand with a new design and tonality. Weekly online campaigns.

The Swedish Taxi Association works for a sound and thriving taxi industry that contributes to a sustainable development.

A website and social media campaign that explains the personal and societal benefits of using taxi in the times of Covid 19.

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Taxi med omtanke

Alivia Cancer Care Insurance is a new service on the Nordic market. They help people to get the proper cancer treatment in due time, if the health care system fails to deliver.

Brand strategy, graphic design, website and launch campaign.

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Paradox is a globally renowned game developer focused on strategic games like Bloodlines, Surviving the Aftermath, Stellaris Galaxy Command and Crusader Kings.

Design of exhibition structures for six different games at the epic PDXCON 2019 in Berlin.

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Paradox Interactive


The first swedish e-commerce
retailer for car parts.

From launch 2008 to Nordic market
leader on car parts online.



Re-introduce a legendary brand
on the Swedish market.


A new brand for perfumes and skin care products with an exciting layering concept. Started by Naomi Rapace.

Implementing graphic identity, developing a new packaging concept and day to day work to boost retail sales.

NCP Olfactives

HiKOKI is the new name of Hitachi Power tools – power tools for professionals.

Implementing the new brand expression, sales campaigns and a brand new campaign site for HiKOKI Multivolt.

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Launch a new Cable-TV and broadband
company on the Latin American markets.

New graphic identity and
launch campaigns.

Tigo Star

Sweden’s smartest and most affordable alarm system.

Graphic identity, website, launch campaign and day to day work.

Sensor Alarm



Sweden’s leading supplier of TV, internet and telephony.

Implementing the new brand expression in retail, web, sales campaigns and more.

Com Hem

The leading supplier of terrestrial
television and the new player within broadband.

Implementing the new brand expression in retail,
sales campaigns and more.


Skruvat is expanding fast on the the norwegian market and has grown to Norway’s largest online retailer for car parts.

Graphic identity, monthly campaigns and day to day work.

The largest e-commerce retailer for tyres in the Nordic region.

Modernized graphic identity for web. Print, radio and TV for both Swedish and Norwegian market.

Swedish fund management company that manage funds in alternative asset classes.

Modernized the graphic identity, day-to-day work with web and campaigns.


Lean On develops advanced
systems for the financial industry.

Modernized graphic identity, website
and day-to-day work.

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MTR runs the Stockholm subway and local trains, with over a million travellers every day.

Campaigns in print and online, day-to-day work with information externally as well as internally.

MTR Nordic Group


One of Sweden’s biggest optician
chain with about 130 stores.

Graphic identity, launch campaign
and day to day work.



Strategic partner for the launch of
Scandinavia’s first streaming site.

Graphic identity, launch campaign
and day to day work.



Leading TV-broadcaster in Scandinavia.

During seven years, we were
responsible for all marketing in Norway
and Sweden markets.


Recruit young people to retail
educations and careers.

Campaigns, exhibition stands
and day-to-day work.



Sweden’s second biggest
senior citizen organisation.

Modernized the graphic identity,
communication platform
and campaigns.

SPF Seniorerna


Finfa manage Collective Insurance
Schemes for the Swedish Labour Market.

Several campaigns to make
companies aware of Finfa’s services.


New bedside fashion
for men and women.

Graphic identity and packaging.


Destination Gotland

The ferry to Gotland, an island
with fantastic nature and history.

Campaigns during 6 years made it the
most popular destination in Sweden

Destination Gotland