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The first swedish e-commerce retailer for car parts. From launch 2008 to Nordic market leader on car parts online.


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Re-introduce a legendary brand on the Swedish market.

Tigo Star

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Launch a new Cable-TV and broadband company on the Latin American markets. New graphic identity and launch campaigns.

Com Hem

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  Sweden’s leading supplier of TV, internet and telephony. Implementing the new brand expression in retail, web, sales campaigns and... View Article


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The leading supplier of terrestrial television and the new player within broadband. Implementing the new brand expression in retail, sales... View Article

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The largest e-commerce retailer for tyres in the Nordic region. Modernized graphic identity for web. Print, radio and TV for... View Article


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Swedish fund management company that manage funds in alternative asset classes. Modernized the graphic identity, day-to-day work with web and... View Article


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Lean On develops advanced systems for the financial industry. Modernized graphic identity, website and day-to-day work. Read more

MTR Nordic Group

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MTR runs the Stockholm subway and local trains, with over a million travellers every day. Campaigns in print and online,... View Article


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One of Sweden’s biggest optician chain with about 130 stores. Graphic identity, launch campaign and day to day work.


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Strategic partner for the launch of Scandinavia’s first streaming site. Graphic identity, launch campaign and day to day work.


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Leading TV-broadcaster in Scandinavia. During seven years, we were responsible for all marketing in Norway and Sweden markets.


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Recruit young people to retail educations and careers. Campaigns, exhibition stands and day-to-day work.